Student Work

Goal Setting:

Here are some samples from a goal-setting activity students completed recently after spring break. Students self-selected goals for their academic learning and their personal behavior for the 4th quarter, and decided on steps they would take to work toward those goals. Students then decorated a pennant displaying one of the goals they chose, and we displayed them in the classroom as a reminder to keep working toward our goals!

Crayon Letters:

During our letter-writing, students were read-aloud The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. Students then composed their own crayon letters with accompanying illustrations just like those they saw in the story, with special consideration to the audience and purpose of their letters.

Starting a Business:

As a wrap-up to our recent economics unit, students worked with a partner to create an imaginary business using a resource I self-created via a template. Students needed to consider whether there is need or want for their business, whether their business was providing goods or services, what capital, natural, and human resources their business would require, and the cost of the items they would sell. Students also came up with a name, slogan, and logo for their business, and designed a poster to present their business to the class.

Chlorophyll Rubbings:

During our plants unit earlier in the school year, students learned about how plants produce chlorophyll. Students participated in a chlorophyll rubbing investigation to see why leaves change colors in the fall (losing their chlorophyll as the tree draws it back in), and created artwork while demonstrating their findings.