Lesson Plans

Spring Formal Evaluation Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is a math lesson on telling time to the hour that I taught for my student teaching formal observation.

Spring Formal Evaluation Observation Feedback

This document contains feedback from my clinical supervisor on the implementation of the Spring Formal Evaluation Lesson Plan above.

Science Unit

This is a science unit I wrote and partially implemented in the classroom for my science methods course. This unit was designed to complement our district’s curriculum unit on plants. It follows the 5E model of science teaching (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, Evaluation).

Differentiated Lesson Plan – English Language Learners

This document is a differentiated lesson plan on animal names in English for English Language Learners. This lesson was implemented in Spring 2016 during my K-5 Music clinical placement.

Guided Reading Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is a guided reading lesson that was implemented as part of my edTPA portfolio process. This lesson is part of a learning segment (series of 3-5 lessons) on looking back in a text to answer right-there questions.

A Month in my Classroom

Here is a quick view of a month in my classroom. These pictures show my lesson plan book during four weeks of my student teaching when I was fully responsible for planning and implementing instruction. These pictures best reflect what my day-to-day planning will look like as a classroom teacher.