Free PD: Making More Engaging Video Lessons

One of my biggest self-developments during distance learning was my video lessons. Like most people, I’m sure, my previous video lessons for flipped classroom consisted of screencast slideshows that I narrated over. While these get the job done, I knew that they would likely not be enough to hold my students’ interest during distance learning when I wasn’t there to monitor their attention. When our mitosis unit rolled around, I knew I had to think smarter to get my students to tune into a full lesson from the comfort of their homes. This felt overwhelming- I was competing with TikTok, SnapChat, video games, and other flashy distractions. How could mitosis measure up?

Then, I had a creative spark. One thing led to another, and I ended up with a mitosis video lesson of about 25 minutes that nearly all of my students watched!

My first video lesson!

That first successful lesson was a spark that led me to continue exploring ways in which I could take my videos to the next level. Now, I want to share all of that learning with you! I’ve thrown together a free professional development course, designed to be downloaded and completed at your own pace. It’ll walk you through planning and creating your own awesome videos, and there’s a ton of really great (free!) resources for you to explore and use to make your own video lessons. The PD is geared toward iMovie and GarageBand, but you can do all the same things in similar video and audio editing software available on PCs like Windows Movie Maker and Audacity.

You can download the free PD on my TPT store here! My only asks are that you: a) consider going back to TPT to leave a review after you’ve completed the PD, b) consider giving my store a follow to be alerted about future products, and c) feel free to share this PD with colleagues, but only by directing them to the TPT page and having them download it for themselves. This helps me keep track of data and viewership.

I had sooo much fun putting this PD session together, and I really hope you enjoy it and find it useful in improving your practice no matter what next year looks like! As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions, or let me know what other topics I can help you learn about.

Happy teaching!

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